About us

About us

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. 

our mission

We strive for fossil fuel independence

Ever since mankind had the taste of freedom, it could not let go of it. Cars provide us with the freedom to follow our intrinsic need to move wherever we want and to explore the world. But the current mobility system has a major downside. We see the number of cars growing each year and it has come to the point that the transportation sector is the only sector whose greenhouse gas emissions are still rising.

We believe that the solution is not to be found in the energy grid or better infrastructure: it is to be found in cars themselves. By becoming independent of the grid we can accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility through bypassing political agendas. By using the largest infinite source of energy; our Sun, we can make mobility not about energy consumption, but about facilitating energy abundance.

our story

Bridging the gap between technology and our daily life

Since 2012 we have been working passionately on the world’s most efficient and most innovative solar powered family cars. Already in 2013 we presented Stella: world’s first solar powered four-seater. With Stella, we showed that solar cars are much closer to reality than people thought. Stella Lux, Stella Vie and Stella Era followed in 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively.

With the Stella Family we have proven that it is possible to power a family car with solar energy. We have unlocked the potential of solar cars by driving energy positive: charging the battery while driving. Solar cars are little power plants on wheels.

Our process

Accelerating the energy transition by building a solar family car

We are continuously working on a future that is independent of fossil fuels. Every other year, a brand new group of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology starts their adventure to work on a new solar family car. Team 2021 consists of 20 passionate students, backed up by more than 80 alumni.

As a student team, we have the power and freedom to be innovative. Not limited by market demands we can start the design process from scratch and free ourselves from preconceptions. This makes that we, unlike the industry, can bridge the gap between technological innovation and our daily life.

Our challenge

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

We are the leading world champion in the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge: the largest platform for solar-powered innovation held in Australia. The first edition took place in 1987, but only in 2013 the Cruiser Class was organized. Stella debuted in 2013 and won. After which Stella Lux won the 2015 edition and Stella Vie achieved first place in 2017. In October 2019, Stella Era prolonged the title.

In contrast to the Challenger Class, the Cruiser Class is for solar cars seating two or more people. The final score is determined by the person-km distance travelled, the energy use of the car, and the practicality score. 

Our ambassadors

Supporters and distributors of our vision

Prof. Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf

Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton

“Solar Team Eindhoven shows that sustainable mobility is possible with the construction of a single car.”

Robbert Dijkgraaf is Director and Leon Levy Professor of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. The Institute is one of the world’s leading centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry and exists to encourage and support fundamental research in the sciences and humanities. Dijkgraaf is a mathematical physicist who has made significant contributions to string theory and to the advancement of science education.

Dr. Jan Terlouw

Physicist, Ex-politician, and Writer

“The students from Eindhoven show us that with new technologies much can be achieved. There is more than enough energy from the Sun available to provide our lifestyle with energy from a sustainable source. We need new technologies to convert it for use in our daily life, for example to power the way you drive to work every day.

I hope that politics and society are inspired by the intrinsic motivation of these students who are committed to the climate and a sustainable future. They work with conviction on a goal that they believe in. Let politicians take an example.

Drs. Maurits Groen

Inspirator, Motivator, and Founder of WAKA WAKA

“Mobility is one of the biggest challenges in the pursuit of sustainability. However, it is essential for the proper functioning of our society. It is very encouraging and commendable that a small group of students, a wonderful team of dedicated, insightful and capable persevere people, manages to achieve what the entire auto industry did not achieve (or perhaps tried but did not dare to take the step). Therefore, it is an honour for me to be an ambassador of this wonderful team.”

Rob van Hattum

Director Science Programs at VPRO and Chief Science Officer NEMO Science Center

“Although fossil fuels brought us much prosperity, it is time to stop burning these fuels and to use the Sun as direct energy source. The students of Solar Team Eindhoven succeeded in showing that a family car can perfectly drive on solar energy. It is beautiful that their ambition is to not just build an extraordinary car to win prices with, but to design a real family car, a solar car that can be parked on our driveways. I would like one!”

In 1994 Rob van Hattum became a documentary science filmmaker and executive science editor for the VPRO, Dutch public broadcasting organization. He directed many international award-winning documentaries. Rob van Hattum is also Chief Science Officer of the Dutch national Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam.