Our new and biggest sponsor: Coolblue

26 Aug, 2021 by Charlot Felderhof

 Our new and biggest sponsor: Coolblue

Coolblue is the new main sponsor of Solar Team Eindhoven. The collaboration is a perfect match, since we both see a future in living and driving on the energy of the sun. 

Marijn van Weele, Energy Director at Coolblue, explains: “At Coolblue we already help customers to consume less energy and we offer them solar panels, charging stations and Coolblue Energy. Solar Team Eindhoven wants to show everyone that you can live and drive on energy from the sun. We also see a future in that. That is why this collaboration is right up our alley. We are extremely proud to be able to help the Solar Team Eindhoven further on its way.”

Coolblue is the most customer-oriented company in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (Net Promoter Score of 68). The online retailer has its own infrastructure with its own customer service, its own delivery, its own installation, its own repair and 17 physical stores. In 2020 Coolblue achieved a turnover of 2 billion euros.

Charlot Felderhof, Innovation & Technical Partnerships Manager at Solar Team Eindhoven, says: “We are very happy with this collaboration. We are currently building a solar powered mobile home. The solar panels on this 'Self-sustaining House On Wheels', SHOW for short, will generate enough energy to drive, take a shower, watch TV, charge your laptop and make coffee.”

Solar Team Eindhoven is a student initiative of Eindhoven University of Technology. In the past four editions, this team has won the world championship for solar cars.

Want to know more about this collaboration? Also visit Coolblue.nl/solarteameindhoven!


Article by Charlot Felderhof

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Article by Charlot Felderhof

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