Support Morocco together with us

11 Sep, 2023 by Solar Team Eindhoven

 Support Morocco together with us

After the recent earthquake in Morocco, numerous people are in urgent need of help and support. Solar Team Eindhoven is joining hands with its network, family and friends to raise donations for the Dutch Red Cross, which can provide essential assistance to the affected people.

In October, Solar Team Eindhoven will drive through Northern Morocco with its off-road solar car, Stella Terra to the Sahara. We aim to support our host country, Morocco, during these difficult times by raising funds for relief efforts in Morocco.

The aftermath of an earthquake brings immense challenges, including the need for medical care, food, shelter, and other vital necessities. The Red Cross is ready to address these needs and care for those who need it most.

Join our efforts to assist Morocco during this challenging time. Your donation to the Red Cross can save lives and support communities in their earthquake recovery efforts. Let's make a positive impact together and help those in need!

Supporting the affected people can be done via the link below:



Article by Solar Team Eindhoven

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Article by Solar Team Eindhoven