Do you want to be part of the car of the future?

We are building a family car that is powered by the Sun and you can be part of it. Only with your support, we can make sustainable mobility become a reality.

How it works

We are building a solar-powered family car from the ground up and we will present it in July 2019. In the coming months you can follow our progress on this page. Donate to one of the components of the car our team is working on this day.

Round 1: The foundation of the car

Choose a part from the list below to contribute to. We are grateful for your donation to one or more of the parts. If you wish to contribute to different parts, please fill in individual forms for each of them.

Round 1 closes on the 21st of February. Soon after, our process continues. In Round 2 we work on new parts of the car, to which you can contribute!

Solar Cells - €20.00

Solar cells, or photovoltaic cells, convert the energy of sunlight into electricity which can power the car. Even under cloudy skies, the more than 300 solar cells on the roof ensure the battery is supplied with clean energy.


Side Windows - €40.00

During the design of the carbon body, the side windows are not to be forgotten. They contribute to the look and feel of the car and, most importantly, they have to adhere to the safety requirements for a family car.


Doors - €75.00

The most frequently handled components of the car are the doors. As they have to fit perfectly into the carbon body, have to be lightweight and at the same time strong, they do give the engineers a headache.


Be the first

Wheels - €100.00

The load the wheels can bear determines the maximum weight of the car. At the same time, we want the wheels to be narrow as the rolling resistance has a massive impact on the car's energy consumption.


Wind Screens - €150.00

The windscreen, or front window, is to be made of resilient and flexible material. The window is aerodynamically shaped and should allow for full visibility of the surroundings to ensure safety.


Headlights - €250.00

A road-ready car is required to have low beam lights, side lights, and main lights. The headlights have to blend in with the exterior design and be functional; our designer is considering all options.


Get your chance to be part of the foundation of the car. This round closes in:

Want to know what's next? Keep up to date about new components to contribute to!

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There is no recipe for success, but you can contribute to one of the ingredients.