Day 3: Halfway there!

15 - 10 - 2019

Today was our third day of driving the road towards our final destination Adelaide. Only three nights and three days to go. We’re halfway there!

After charging Stella Era via the grid last night, she was full of energy and ready to start day 3. Just to be sure, we placed her in the Sun for some extra static charging this morning. We needed Stella Era to have enough energy for the upcoming stints, since bad weather was predicted: a very strong headwind. This also led to the decision of driving with 1 person today, saving enough energy for the drive of tomorrow.

We had gotten the information that, before reaching the first control stop of the day, we would have to cross a gravel road of 1 kilometer long. From testing days we learned that these gravel roads can be a real burden to our tires. We had already had multiple flat tires because of gravel roads and therefore we had to be cautious on that today. Having a flat tire would mean that we would have to stop to change the tire, resulting in time loss.

We sent our “technical” car ahead to wait for Stella Era at the end of the gravel road. So if she would have a flat tire, our technical crew would be ready to quickly fix it. Luckily, Stella Era survived the gravel road without issues so the technical crew could jump right back in the car again.

Ironically, one of our convoy cars did get a flat tire shortly after passing the gravel road. It was our camper, transporting our dear fans from the Eindhoven University of Technology, that was unlucky today. With help from our truck drivers, they could get back on the road quickly and they could continue their way to the first control stop: Barrow Creek.

At Barrow Creek we met all cruisers that had been in Tennant Creek as well that same morning, including Bochum Solar Car Team, Sunswift, IVE Engineering and Sun Shuttle. Afterwards, we continued onto our next control stop Alice Springs.

After Alice Springs, we could continue our drive until 5pm, the official stopping time of the BWSC. The drive went great. We even met some proud parents along the road, who had traveled Australia! Just before 5pm, we placed Stella Era on a spot next to the road and we built up our camp. We’re curious about tomorrow, we hope the wind odds will be in our favour.