Designpresentation 2017: what will she look like?

17 - 02 - 2017

The 15th of February was a special day in our journey. We invited all our partners, families and colleague student teams to the Eindhoven University of Technology and presented the design of our new solar car. They got an exclusive insight into the concept, the new shape and the features of the car.

The musician Harm kicked off the evening with the intriguing tones of a didgeridoo. Our team manager Wout hosted the evening and invited Jo van Ham, vice-president of the University’s Executive Board, to broaden our vision on technology. Beatrix, our public relations manager, continued our story with Solar Team Eindhoven’s mission and the problems our current society is facing.


Didgeridoo player Harm in the Blauwe Zaal at the TU/e

Team manager Wout Gubbels thanking all our partners


Finally, the moment arrived for us to show off our beautiful new car! Lasse, the project manager, told the audience everything about the new model and its specifications. During the drink afterward, we received many positive reactions and we met very enthusiastic people. We are sorry you can not see the design yet, but we hope we will surprise you in June. We’ve set the bar for team 2017 has been set and we will work hard to bring this design to life.