European Solar Challenge

24 - 09 - 2018

Rain or sunshine; we had a great time at the European Solar Challenge this weekend! It might have been the rainiest race in the history of Solar Challenges. This presented an extra challenge for the solar cars, but also showed that solar cars have an incredible range even when the weather is not like Down Under.

The European Solar Challenge took place on Friday 21 until Sunday 23 September on the Circuit Zolder racing track. The final score of each team depended on the KO Chicane, the presentation and the only 24-hour endurance race in the world for solar cars. The teams could charge their batteries twice during the 24 hour period. We congratulate Solar Team Twente for prolonging their title in the ESC Challenger Class and Lodz Solar Team for winning the ESC Cruiser Class!

Stella Vie scored the maximum points on the presentation and became third in the fastest lap with a 3 minutes and 28 seconds! From 13:00 Saturday to 13:00 Sunday both Stella Vie as well as the team were tested on their endurance during the 24-hour race. One of Stella Vie’s components turned out to be not as waterproof as expected, which caused issues throughout the race. The engineers worked the whole night on fixing Stella Vie and managed to get her back on the road again so she could finish the race.

The ups and downs during the challenge this weekend were a great learning experience for the new team members. The team present at the European Solar Challenge was a combination of experienced and new Solar Team Eindhoven members. The more experienced team members took the chance to show the new members the Solar Team mentality and workings of a Solar Challenge.  This weekend definitely was great motivation and learning opportunity for the team that is currently preparing themselves for the World Solar Challenge in 2019!