Looking for something unique at your event? Do you want to get inspired by our story? Our predecessors have done an amazing job with Stella, Stella Lux, and Stella Vie and now it is our turn. A new team of 26 students is designing the car of the future. We, as Solar Team Eindhoven, would love to share our enthusiasm and stories with you!

Stella Vie always gets a lot of attention. She could be the main act of your fair or your customers could make a ride in the unique solar car at an event. We have a lot to offer and are always happy to drop by with Stella Vie. It is also possible to do events without Stella. For example, we can give inspiring presentations on how we did this project and how we became world champion. We can also lead discussions or workshops on the future of mobility.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us by mailing to [email protected] and we will discuss your event. You can contact us in either Dutch or English!

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A presentation about Stella Lux, with Stella Lux on site as well

Stella at a static NXP event