The road towards fossil-fuel independent mobility

Stella Era

The goal stated in the Dutch climate agreement is to drive emission-free by 2030. To achieve this, around 200 charging stations will have to be installed every day in the Netherlands to supply the energy required that is needed to sustain all these electric vehicles. On top of that, we will encounter the challenge to supply these charging points with fossil-fuel independent energy. Currently, 85% of electricity comes from non-renewable sources. Society is facing an enormous challenge.

We believe in a future where
your car is a charging station on wheels your car charges itself your car shares solar energy cars autonomously chase the sun your car takes care of you cars don't consume energy cars generate energy

Pushing the limits

We are proud to hold the world title in the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge since it was first organized in 2013. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is organized every other year to push the limits of technological innovation. Together, we drive innovation.

With Stella Era we will defend our world title in October 2019. We need help to make solar-powered mobility come true. Support us on our journey to Australia.

Stella Era is our most revolutionary solar car ever built.

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Stella Era DIY Kit

The Stella Era DIY kit is a miniature version of Stella Era that allows you to build a solar car yourself. Like a real solar car, it drives when placed in the Sun!

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