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Last week our roll cage has been coloured thanks to Bekkers Autoschade Groep! Bekkers Autoschade Groep is taking care of every part of our vehicle that needs to be coloured. Besides the fact that they deliver high-quality results, they also ensure that the parts are coloured as fast as possible. They perfectly understand that our planning is fluid. We are glad to have a partner like Bekkers Autoschade Groep. ... See MoreSee Less
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The chassis is the foundation of our solar powered vehicle. The chassis is made out of two main components, namely the aluminum bottom frame and a steel roll cage. This roll cage is connected with key components such as the suspension. On top of that, it will protect us in the event of a crash. In the scope of several months our engineers designed the roll cage while VA Engineering BV provided expertise with regard to manufacturability. After the design was finished, VA Engineering BV realized the roll cage.VA Engineering BV delivered a skillfully welded frame with a week to spare. ... See MoreSee Less
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The chassis is finished! The technical drawings were sent to Alu-Workx, where they put all the pieces together. Leon Verbugt and his colleagues worked extremely hard to finish everything in time. Some small adjustments where made on the spot that saved extra weight. Now, the chassis can go to the roll cage. This means that we are one step closer to the final product, SHOW! ... See MoreSee Less
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We want to thank all TU/e students and staff who worked hard to make ‘Koningsdag 2021’ this great success and a splendid showcase of the Brainport region

We are proud to be a partner to @SolarEHV! The team is known for making vehicles that drive on #solarenergy and we are happy to be working with Solar Team in the transition to a more #sustainable future.

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#sustainability #renewables #innovation #ecofriendly

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