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3 days ago

Solar Team Eindhoven

This is our team: part 2! πŸ‘«
Five more of our engineers introduce themselves and tell what drives them to fully commit to Solar Team for more than a year. Check out their stories! πŸ‘‰ (English below)

Photos by Bart van Overbeeke Photography
Katelijn: "A beautiful degn and green energy; I think it's cool that these two topics come together in the Solar Team. That’s why I took on this challenge.

I like that we have a lot of freedom in the design process. Moreover, it is a super motivated and enthusiastic team, which I learn a lot from.

In the past months I have been busy with translating the vision of the team into an exterior design. Our solar car should not only be aerodynamic, but should also look attractive. In the coming period I will further develop the design in 3D modeling software. I look forward to the moment we finish the model and we can go into production!

If I am the youngest of the team? That's right, but most certainly the wisest.”

Luuk: β€œIn one of my lectures a former team member gave a presentation about Solar Team, which is when I decided to sign up. Who would not want to contribute to a sustainable future in a team of motivated students and even participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia?!

The first two months I have practiced a lot with drawing cars in 3D drawing software. Now, I have started on modelling our own design, which we will then improve on aerodynamics. When the design on the computer is complete, we start producing it. I am really looking forward to the moment when the parts we have drawn are going into production!

Also, I attach great value to the team. It sometimes seems like an impossible project, but working with a passionate team on such a large final goal is really cool.

The best so far? The team weekend! Nice kick-off to bond and become a team.”

Luc: β€œLast year I decided to apply for Solar Team because I want to put the theory from my study into practice. That, but also because I think that there should be more sustainable solutions for mobility. Within this team, I can directly contribute to that cause.

In recent months I have been busy figuring out the possibilities for the auxiliaries; all supporting parts such as the horn and lighting. In next weeks, I am going to find out if and how this all fits into the car.

From scratch, we build a fully functioning car within a year. The first day we all went to the office excited to start a new adventure, and in a few months we will be watching how our car drives off for the first time. That's what I do it for!

Hobby outside Solar Team? To work on my own car: a beetle.”

Martijn: "I am driven by mastering new things in a short time and Solar Team Eindhoven is the perfect challenge for that. Also, I am curious about product development of building a car from scratch by students who are completely new to the whole process.

The nicest moment so far has been the multi-day training in which we learned to work with a 3D-sign software. I now use this software to draw many different designs and assess their aerodynamics.

Next to that, I am working on the strategy together with Martin. For example, the size of the battery can make the difference during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge between winning and stranding with an empty battery. In Australia we will determine how many people will drive in the solar car and at what speed. I am therefore looking forward most to the moment when we apply our strategy during the Challenge.

My motto? Amateurs built the Ark, experts built the Titanic."

Vincent: "In Solar Team I find the practical experience that I missed in my bachelor, but what I like most is that we search for and pass the boundaries of technology. We make things work that seemed to be impossible at first. Next year we will present something that has never been done by the industry, and working on that is incredible!

Until now, I think the best moments are the moments when we, as one team, are making a strong stand for our goal. For example, during the presentation of our plans we were really one unit behind our story.

My task is to research and design the interaction between the car and the occupants (think of a touchscreen, buttons on the steering wheel or music). Coen and I create the ultimate experience for the driver and the passengers.

Taking a break after office hours? Preferably by taking long walks in the woods. "

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We are having a great time telling visitors about the contribution of Neways Advanced Applications to Stella Vie at the electronicaFair in München! Today and tomorrow are the last two days of this event with more than 70 thousands visitors 😯

Get your chance to visit us at Hall B1 Stand 115 πŸ˜ƒ

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5 days ago

Solar Team Eindhoven

At our office in Eindhoven, 26 students have been working on a new solar for over two months πŸ‘«πŸ‘¨ Who are we actually? And what do we do?
Time to introduce ourselves! πŸ˜ƒ (English text below)
Photos by Bart Van Overbeeke Photography
β€œI signed up for Solar Team because I want to combine sustainability, design and engineering. Building an innovative solar car in a year is the ultimate project for this.

So far, I have been busy with research and requirements for the design of the car. I have gained a lot of ideas about how we can make the user experience in our solar car as good as possible. I am now busy to elaborate and verify these ideas.
The best moment thus far was when we found common ground in our goal and vision for this year. I look forward most to the moment that we together achieve that goal.

My favorite takeaway? Simply two falafel wraps.”

β€œI chose to apply for Solar Team Eindhoven because I felt the need to contribute to a better world and to work in an environment where I would have the freedom to be innovative. What I find coolest is to work on new solutions with 25 others who have the same future perspective.
In the past two months I enjoyed the times that I was at an event with Stella Vie the most. I like to communicate the vision of Solar Team and make people realize that with a different mindset we can solve a lot of problems. In addition, I naturally find my own function, designing the drivetrain very interesting. I better be, as I, together with Marnix, will be working on it for the rest of the year.
What I look forward to most? Our first real drive with the solar car!”

β€œLast year I got close to graduation, but actually I was looking for something new. Solar Team came along at the right time, so that is how I ended up being part of Team 2019.
I think the greatest moment is going to be when we cross the finish line of the World Solar Challenge with our self-built solar car. My contribution to this is the drivetrain, which I develop together with Gijs. In the past two months, the main focus was on understanding the technology of the electric motors.
I am looking forward to tackling the technical challenges that will arise upcoming year and the experience of the Challenge in Australia. β€œ

β€œThe main reason I signed up for STE is that I wanted to develop myself in other areas besides my studies. Next to that, I am motivated by teamwork towards a shared goal. With our multidisciplinary team of 26 students, the ideas that we would never be able to fulfill as individuals, can now be realized. So far, these have been the best moments for me: when we come to a decision that the entire team supports and fully commits to.

My tasks within the team vary from meeting partners to maintaining the 'silence hour', and from networking at events to making cleaning schedules. Of course, the most important team manager is ensuring the team atmosphere and dynamics.

My favorite takeaway? Actually everything that is unhealthy, preferring a kapsalon.”

"What attracted me to Solar Team Eindhoven is that a group of passionate students do not only come up with innovative concepts, but also actually design and develop them. Looking back on what we have reached after two months and with what kind of cool technical developments we are working as a team, gives me a lot of energy.

What I am really looking forward to is the moment that all our ideas from the first months have been converted into actual innovations and that the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. As a project manager, I spend a lot of time researching the feasibility of these new concepts that we want to develop. In addition, it is my challenge to ensure that all the complex components that our 21 engineers develop all come together at the right time.

My motto? Stay hungry, stay foolish. You can see that in my food supplies. "

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We're at the 2018 High Level event of the Eurotech Universities Alliance in Brussels! πŸ›πŸŒ‡ Stella Vie blends in perfectly with this beautiful location πŸ€—

Terwijl het nieuwe team zich net twee maanden op het solar team avontuur heeft gestort, kijken vorige teamleden terug op een bijzonder jaar πŸ˜… Mooi verslag van het ED! πŸ“°πŸ‘€


"Qua werkwijze heeft zo'n studententeam alles weg van een start-up, alleen dan zonder het doel om winst te maken. We hebben alles zelf moeten doen."


Prachtig boek ontvangen als sponsor van @SolarEHV. En natuurlijk gaan we hiermee door. Succes met jullie nieuwe missie.

2 Stella’s in onze tuin. Nu nog op de oprit ;-) #stellalux #stellavie https://t.co/xib45iKr6G

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