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Technology is fun! Experience it tomorrow at the DTW - Dutch Technology Week in Helmond - De Peel. Stella Lux is ready to surprise you! ...

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On the 21st of June we will finally present our new solar car. You are all invited to attend this special moment! Hope to see you there.

Op 21 juni is het moment eindelijk daar, dan zullen wij onze nieuwe auto presenteren. Iedereen is uitgenodigd om bij dit speciale moment te zijn! Kom jij ook?

Autopresentatie - Solar Team Eindhoven

June 21, 2017, 5:00pm - June 21, 2017, 6:00pm

Op de langste dag van het jaar, met de meeste zonuren, zal Solar Team Eindhoven haar nieuwste gezinsauto op zonne-energie presenteren. Dit jaar hebben 23 studenten van de TU Eindhoven hun studies gepauzeerd om te werken aan de toekomst van mobiliteit. Maar hoe zal ze eruit zien? Wat zal er veranderd zijn ten opzichte van Stella en Stella Lux? Wat zal ze allemaal kunnen? Beleef het tijdens de autopresentatie op 21 juni en laat je inspireren door ons werk! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the longest day of the year with the most hours of sun, Solar Team Eindhoven will present their new solar powered family car! This year 23 students of the TU Eindhoven have paused their studies to work on the future of mobility. But how will the new car look like? How will she differ from her predecessors Stella and Stella Lux? What can she do? Find out at the car presentation on the 21st of June and be inspired by our work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The presentation is free for all visitors. More details will follow soon.

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Have you seen Stella Lux next to the road? You can't miss her! Awesome to see our car on these huge billboards of our partner Axians while driving across The Netherlands! ...

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Interesting development, things are getting pretty serious! When will solar-powered vehicles cost the same? https://t.co/Q7yrVOPvG3

Come visit us at the @DTW2017 in @HLMDMarketing, great day to discover the latest technologies! #StellaLux

Good morning everyone! We started working in the sun, great start of an important day! #campuslife #saturdaymorning #tueindhoven

Discover amazing high-tech #Eindhoven during the High Tech Ontdekkingsroute! Check it out: https://t.co/Nn5LHyVRlH #dtw2017 #tomorrow #tech

On the 21st of June we will present our new car and YOU are invited! For more information, see https://t.co/cuSJTmZoxX

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