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1 week ago

Solar Team Eindhoven

Last, but definitely not least πŸ™Œ
This is the final introduction of the engineers who are working on the new solar family car! 😊

Arjen: "Solar Team Eindhoven was one of the reasons for choosing mechanical engineering as a study. It always seemed cool to me to work on a project where theory is put into practice to contribute to major problems such as the energy transition.

So far, I have been busy with designing the suspension of the car, which is important for, among others, grip and driving comfort. A design must first be elaborated and drawn in detail before it can be realized.

Relax after working hours? Football, going out, and drinking beers. "

Dirk: "My study was progressing very fast, so I wanted to broaden my knowledge and application of theory in a full-time project. I chose Solar Team because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a real family car that we might be driving in the future with a group of students.

As an architect, I am responsible for ensuring that all software components are complete and that they conform with the other parts in the car. That is what I am most looking forward to: the moment that all the separate pieces come together and work together as a whole.

What I like to do on weekends? Photography and programming. "

Floris: "The fact that we are building a car with a group of inexperienced students in one year is cool by itself, but I think the best thing is that we show innovations that contribute to more sustainable mobility with which we can inspire industry and society.

I look forward to most the moment when our car is driving on solar energy for the first time. But what’s the use of a driving car when it cannot steer or brake? So together with Arjen I work on the brake system and the steering system.

What I prefer to do outside of working hours? Cycling, hockey or just lying on the couch. "

Pam: "In my courses I missed the hands-on mentality and the working together with an interdisciplinary team. That is why I wanted to work together intensively on a project that does not necessarily fit within my discipline, but one that directly contributes to what I find important: a future in which we deal efficiently and consciously with energy.

As an account manager, it is my job to ensure that our grand plans can actually be implemented. I do this by discussing with companies how we can, together, achieve our goal.

What I look forward to most? Show the end result to everyone involved! "

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2 weeks ago

Solar Team Eindhoven

Different functions, shared passion. Four more engineers tell you what drives them and what they enjoy most about this project πŸ˜„

Dennis: "The coolest thing about Solar Team Eindhoven is that we go through the process of building a car from start to end, from nothing to a final product. Every result, from a documentation deadline to finishing the exterior of the car, brings us a step closer to the realization of our goal: a real solar car.

As an architect, I keep an overview of the extensive system that we design, for example by setting requirements to meet and keeping an eye on whether all individual components fit into the overall design. Together with the other architects, I make sure that all loose ends are tied in the right way.

The nicest so far? Seeing team spirit and fanaticism. "

Erik: "A team can become very close if they believe in the same innovative solution. That is why I already knew in secondary school that I wanted to participate in this project. During the team weekend at the beginning of the year the shared passion for sustainable innovation immediately showed. This passion underlies everything we do, and that makes our team strong.

I am involved in the design of the electrical systems and software around the battery pack, which ensures that the battery is safe and reliable. In addition, it would be useful if the car can start, so I take care of that.

What do I like to do in my free time? Tinkering with electronics and programming, but also cooking, walking and playing board games. "

Martin: "I wanted to take on a new challenge in which I can use the knowledge of my study program to accelerate the transition to clean energy, as that will be one of the biggest developments in the future.

My contribution to the project is, among other things, the creation of an application that can read and analyze messages from the car. This is important to understand how our design, the car, reacts in real-life to pressing the start button, for example. I am also busy analyzing the changes in the rules of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and how we should take this into account.

How I spend my time off? Drinking beers with friends. "

Evan: "I signed up for Solar Team Eindhoven because it allows me to contribute to a sustainable future, without restrictions of the market. In addition, I can do this together with an extremely motivated team. The moment we came up with this year’s plan for accelerating the transition to clean cars gave me a tremendous boost.

In my function I am in close contact with the partners who make our plan possible. Together with these partners, we ensure that the designs of our engineers become reality and that everything comes together in our new car.

What I look forward to most? The moment I can drive in our solar car for the first time!"

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3 weeks ago

Solar Team Eindhoven

Almost weekend! Some of us will go to Brightday 2018 to tell all about Solar Cars and our team🀩, while others will be at the office working on the exterior design of the car πŸš—πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
At least these four team members found the time to introduce themselves! πŸ˜„ (English below)

Have a great weekend!
Bastiaan: ""The reason I take part in this project is because I believe #sustainability is very important and I like to take on technical challenges to contribute to this cause.

So far, we have spent a lot of time in brainstorming, developing architecture and drawing up requirements. I have done this mainly for the 'battery management system', that is the electrical system that ensures the safe and optimal use of the battery.

What I like to do outside of working hours? Working on my own electrical projects or inline skating."

Niels: "Since I saw Stella for the first time, I knew that I, too, wanted to work on such a cool project. Once I have something like that in mind I go for it. That is why, after already three success stories from Solar Team Eindhoven, I am working on the fourth solar car.

On an average day I work on the battery package and the solar panel. I especially look forward to the moment when we, for the first time, start the car with energy from the battery and the first time we will generate energy with the solar panel. But in the end the greatest thing is that we, with 26 opinionated students, create very complex #technologies.

Fun fact? I am a #Brabander in heart and soul. "

DaniΓ«l: "I always thought it would be cool to take part in a large project outside of my study, which is why I signed up for Solar Team Eindhoven. I think the best part is that everyone puts so much energy into the project and, also, that we as a student team have a lot of freedom.

Our car is recharged by the Sun of course, but it must also be possible to recharge using a different source for during long dark and cloudy periods. It is my job to make sure there is a charger for that purpose. In addition, I am one of the system architects. I ensure that all electrical systems end up in the car and that they really work.

The nicest so far? The moments that we make a big step forwards and it becomes clearer what our car will be like. "

Marije: "I think it is important that #solutions to accelerate the energy transition are developed. That's why I easily made the decision to sign up for the new team. Also, I find it admirable that a group, consisting of very diverse people, works hard and passionately on their common goal.

In an average week I am busy with many different tasks and meetings. In the past months, I have mainly been kept busy with organizing events with Stella Vie, the trip to Australia and the plans for how we will present our new solar car.

What I look forward to most? Presenting our new solar car and with that how we envision the #futureofmobility. "

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En de winnaar is... @UREindhoven! Gefeliciteerd!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

(Op plek 2 & 3 vinden we trouwens @TUeInMotion en @SolarEHV, dus een volledig TU/e podium πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘) #BestStudentTeam https://t.co/iTzGoz69DY

It's December, the holiday season πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽβ€οΈ, so let's share that vibe together! Join @M_Steinbuch, @SolarEHV, and @TechUnited, and give @EindhovenCity that holiday feeling it deserves. #keifijn

Thanks to @SolarEHV and @EnexisGroep for the solar car experience in Eindhoven #StellaVie. This solar car will be used for vehicle-to-home application in the @InterFlex_H2020 Dutch demo !

@TUeindhoven @M_Steinbuch @SolarEHV heeft natuurlijk al een legale registratie met camera's ipv spiegels. #1st #Winners

@TUeindhoven could be really proud of the (former) students teams @TUeInMotion, @SolarEHV and Spike @STORMEindhoven showing their 'future' cars & e-motorcycle together with @NXP and #Neways at @electronicaFair in #Munich this week. @M_Steinbuch @carlovdweijer @HenkVolberda

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