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Throwback Thursday: one week since Stella Era was presented! We look back on the car presentation just as proud and happy as these guys look at Stella Era 😁

Bart van Overbeeke Photography
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Did you miss the unveiling of Stella Era? You can watch the complete presentation on Youtube! 🙌

Don't have time to watch the whole thing? The Black Box opens from 25.30! đŸ€©
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Why solar cars are the future for mobility!
Our fourth solar car, Stella Era, is world's first autonomous charging station on wheels. She shares her energy directly with electric vehicles and continuously charges herself in the Sun by relocating autonomously to sunnier parking spots.
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A few weeks ago, we entered the testing phase. This means we work in multiple shifts testing the car and fixing it where necessary.

Coen is looking for some tasks that ought to be done.

Always wondered how our solar cars get built? In this video we explain how aerodynamics play a large part in designing Stella Era. After designing, we had a lot of fun assembling the car. Watch our latest video here:

Credits to Pjotr Schelling!

Throwback Thursday: one week since Stella Era was presented! We look back on the car presentation just as proud and happy as these guys look at Stella Era 😁

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Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter #23



All the way in the north of our country, surrounded by meadows, there lies a company that is producing the moulds for our new car. Last week we visited them and saw how these huge blocks are made. It is a labor-intensive job due to the many processes that have to take place before the shape can be cut out by the special milling machine. The next couple of weeks we will receive the final products and then we can start with the production of the carbon body. A part of the team, mostly mechanical engineers, are staying in Emmeloord for two months at the company VABO Composites to get this job done. Thanks to their huge oven, it is the perfect place to produce our carbon body. However, we still need some places in this area to stay overnight. If you have any suggestions, please contact Lasse. 

The 15th of February was a special day in our journey. We invited all our partners, families and colleague student teams to the Eindhoven University of Technology and presented the design of our new solar car. The musician Harm kicked off the evening with the intriguing tones of a didgeridoo. Our team manager Wout hosted the evening and invited Jo van Ham, vice-president of the University’s Executive Board, to broaden our vision on technology. Beatrix, our public relations manager, continued our story with Solar Team Eindhoven’s mission and the problems our current society is facing. 
Finally, the moment arrived for us to show off our beautiful new car! Lasse, the project manager, told the audience everything about the new model and its specifications. During the drink afterward, we received many positive reactions and we met very enthusiastic people. We’ve set the bar for team 2017 has been set and we will work hard to bring this design to life.


You would not expect one person to be responsible for both Public Relations and the Financial Management of the team. These are two very different tasks, that have little to do with each other, but that is exactly what I like about it! 
Public relations is something quite vague and does not have explicit tasks unless I make them myself. So I decided that it is my task to make sure we, as a team, and our cars will positively be mentioned in the news as often as possible. Therefore, I have to translate the complex material that our engineers make here and transform it to a clear and understandable update for the rest of the world. For example, one of the tasks is to make this newsletter or to post updates on social media.

Managing the public relations is in huge contrast with the finances, for which I have to follow strict rules and where I have to administrate every penny that comes in or goes out. What I especially like about this is that I get to be involved with the engineers to discuss the budget for every module in the car. Due to that, I know every part that will be in the car, no matter how big or small.
I hope you now have a better idea of who is writing you every month on behalf of the team!


On the 9th of March we will make a special trip in Eindhoven with Stella Lux. Together with our partner Eneco, we invited a family with 2 kids to do their daily activities with a real solar car. We will pick up the children from school and do some groceries like a family would do with their normal car. A short movie will be made of this special day and will be online soon.

In tv-show ‘De Kennis van Nu’ we took Diederik Jekel for a ride in Stella and told him more about our cars. Did you miss it? Watch it here.


From the 26th to 31st of March the Automotive Week will take place in Helmond and we will not miss it! On Sunday we will be present at the Public Day and join the E-Parade, an attempt to improve the existing record of the Guinness Book of Records by forming the largest line-up of 100% electric driven vehicles. At the moment the record consists of 577 vehicles. Do you want to join as well? Apply at On the last day we will also contribute to the Education, Students and Research program. 

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