Newsletter 1: Start of a journey

28 - 11 - 2014

Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter #1.






Imagine a world were solar cars produce energy instead of using it. These cars will contribute to a sustainable and ecofriendly world. We believe that bringing solar mobility closer to society and its people helps us to create this world. By designing R&D prototypes we explore new ways of driving, new technologies and new applications for our most used transportation vehicles. Our prototypes together will shape the car of the future.




Monday 1 September 9:00. It has begun, the journey of 21 young students towards the World Solar Challenge. When I walked into the office I could really feel the cloak of enthusiasm and passion that everyone wore. Nobody in the team has every build a practical car, nobody has ever intensively worked more than a year in a team of 21 persons and nobody had any idea how to successfully succeed a world champion. Everybody was sure about one thing though: we are going to succeed and bring solar mobility closer to society and its people.
Our passion is essential in the team. We certainly aren’t the most talented individuals but we are great as a group. We believe in a different way of driving. We believe in a fossil fuel free world, in a world where cars are integrated into your lifestyle and where cars are completely safe to drive.
Through this newsletter we will provide a profound insight in the development of Solar Team Eindhoven and the car of the future. Beside the newsletter we also send updates via Twitter (@SolarEHV), Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to follow us and share your thoughts on our content. We like making cars but we love to share our passion with you.




Solar Team Eindhoven started with a few brainstorm sessions and the first concepts were drawn on paper. Everyone was able to share his (or her) ideas about the new car with the rest of the team. The craziest ideas came across: cars that are able to connect to each other like a train, a solar cabriolet, a solar minivan and a solar camper. We brainstormed not only about the looks of the car, but also on the features that could be implemented in the car of the future. We asked our self: what is it that specifies our car of the future?
The project planning and organization happened at the same time. The system architects began with a strategy on how to build their aspect of the car. All of the preparations provided a lot of insight in the project and we started to realize that one year is not that much time to build a solar powered car.
We made some tough decisions but we managed to give the team one direction. Our aerodynamics team is currently trying to make an even more efficient car than Stella was. Their deadline is approaching soon, but they already did a lot of work and the end is near, good job! We will have our design finished in February. For now, everything is on schedule. Let’s hope that will also be the case for the rest of the year.




It’s funny to think about the beginning of this adventure. I just settled at my new desk; my own coffee mug was claimed, I explained my need of personal space to my neighbor Melvin and I even had my own stapler. And there it was… the office phone. I was supposed to call some of the partners of last year. I, 21-year old girl who just started this job, was supposed to call this company, people with at least a hundred year of experience. I was terrified.

After some hours of meditating, practicing the entire conversation in my head and convincing myself to pick up the phone, I dialed the number. Voicemail. Proud of myself for not messing this up, I gained some confidence and tried the next one. A lovely assistant telling me the person I was looking for was not at the office today answered the phone. Nice. After some conversations with assistants, voicemails and myself, I finally had my first phone conversation with the person I was looking for; Paul. He was enthusiastic to hear from the ‘new’ Solar Team Eindhoven and absolutely ready for another adventure with 21 fresh pioneers.  

Three months, 153 phone-calls, 42 can-you-hold-a-minute-songs later I already met a lot of partners from last year. We are happy to expand our Solar Team Eindhoven community every week with new partners. I’m looking forward to all the companies we are about to meet in the next months and also to improve all the existing partnerships. Let’s build the car of the future together!




Stella has been a wonderful, inspiring example. Stella moves people. However, Stella is not ready for the market yet so there is plenty room for improvement. Currently we are facing a tremendous challenge: driving 1500 kilometers on a single charge, whereas Stella can drive 800 kilometers on a single charge. This means we need to double the range of Stella! This moves us to find the best technologies and components that will together give shape to the car of the future. To get the most out of our new car she has to become lighter, even more efficient and she has to produce more energy than Stella did. 


To make our car lighter, our new car will consist of a monocoque which consists solely of carbon fiber. A monocoque is a cage that will protect your passengers and give shape to the car at the same time. At this moment we are inspecting which type of carbon fiber suits our case. It should be very light and affordable at the same time. Conversations with companies opened my eyes about the large number of high tech applications of carbon fiber nowadays, such as formula 1 and drones. This confirms we are on the right track. Awesome!

Solar Panels and Battery Pack

To realize our goal of driving 1500 kilometers on a single charge we need a powerful battery and the best Solar Panels currently available. We are currently looking for Silicium Solar cells which are 24% efficient, or even higher. For the batteries we are looking for Lithium Ion cells with the highest energy density possible.

Searching for these technologies is really exciting and at the same time very difficult. We try to get new technologies which will arrive on the market in a short time. If you could help us building the car of the future: we are still looking for leads!




Did I know that Stella was this big in the corporate world? Definitely not. I went from Industrial Design to Solar Team Eindhoven and if I a friend of mine had not been part of Solar Team Eindhoven, I think I wouldn’t have known Solar Team Eindhoven. As Marketing & PR Manager I see this as one of my challenges: make solar mobility famous among the great public.

Let’s be honest, the solar car world was dominated by Nuna and the Nuon Solar Team. It is a great team and product. They proved over and over again that they are very good at building solar cars and the Dutch public is quite familiar with them. However, it made people believe that solar mobility is only a possibility for races and challenges. Stella opened a new world though: a world where solar mobility actually is a bright future. We will show the world that solar mobility is very feasible, and Solar Team Eindhoven needs to make them aware of this future. If there is no awareness regarding solar mobility in society than there won’t be any demand.

We spread the word by visiting events, give strong presentations, win pitch competitions and make children aware of this new future. By doing this we try to make the world ready for a solar sustainable future.


Tim went to the local construction shop on his bicycle. He asked through whatsapp: “Are there any other materials that someone need?” Djanini thought to be funny: “I need 25kg of pebbles”.
Don’t mess with Tim.  




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