Newsletter 15: Looking Towards 2017

27 - 05 - 2016

Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter #15




The main focus of this month was the selection procedure for the next Solar Team Eindhoven. Besides the known faculties which are represented in the current team, we also received applications from built environment, applied physics and chemical engineering. It is great to see that the awareness of our project keeps growing, even at our own university.

All the applicants went through the entire selection procedure. First they had to write a motivation letter, followed by an interview with 2 team members of the current team. Subsequently, the candidates where seperated to performed (multiple) cases which where focused on the domain they signed up for. 

After the cases, we as current team started a puzzle which was hard to solve. Trying to find the right balance between all the candidates such that they excel both individually as well as in the team was extremely hard. After multiple meetings and thinking about it at home, we finally had to make a decision. On Thursday the 19th of May, all the canditates received a phone call. They received the news if they were part of the next team or not. Curious who will continue our project and ensure the next step towards the car of the future? Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter account and website.


An air conditioning system requires a lot of energy when it is turned on in your car. Stella Lux is a very efficient car with a very low energy consumption; adding an regular air conditioning system would have a big influence on the range of the vehicle. Therefore, it is not efficient for us to have an regular air conditioning in our solar car. But when driving in Australia with temperatures above the 30°C, a cool breeze is very welcome. That is why Sylvia de Bree performs a Bachelor Thesis to design and built an very efficient air conditioning system which could be used in our solar car. The airco in the picture is a test model. We hope that Sylvia’s project succeeds such that every solar car driver and passenger can enjoy cool air in the car.


Philips exists 125 years! This had to be celebrated with some of the greatest innovations from the past and the present. We were attending the event in the Evoluon with Stella Lux in order the 125th anniversary of Philips.

On the 12th of May, Steven and Liselotte held a presentation about our project for the second Tweakers Meet-Up of this year. Theme of this Meet-Up was Automotive and Mobility, the perfect theme to tell about our project and how mobility in the future will change towards a world with solar cars.

The Dutch Technology Week (DTW) takes place this year during the last week of May. We started this week at the Night of the Nerds in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. For the rest of the week we will be in Helmond at the Automotive Campus for multiple events and at VDL. Do we see you there?




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