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Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter December 2018
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Stella Vie is still on the cover, but the production of our new car is getting closer and closer... In this newsletter, we share an exciting announcement and tell you more about what kept us busy in January.  
Solar Team Eindhoven’s fourth solar-powered family car will be produced at the brand-new Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). The students will be given a place in the so-called ‘factory of the future’, where they will start the production of the innovative solar car on the first of March 2019.
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"January has been all about translating the aerodynamic shell into a detailed 3D model of the body of the car that is ready for production. This includes the suspension, roll cage and everything else that contributes to the structural integrity of our car. To ensure the safety of the car, we take a wide variety of potential 'load cases' into account. Think of different occupant loads, the force of the wind on the car,  or the impact in case of a crash. 
Often overlooked, yet crucial in the design process, is the feasibility of the design of the car for production. For example, this means that already we have to think about the sequence in which we will put all the different parts together and how to release the carbon from the molds. We take all this into account while designing the body."

[1] Driving around the TU/e campus with Stella Vie
[2] Even intense discussions can make Floris smile 
[3] Carijn and Marije already felt at home at the new production location! 
[4] Testing and practicing with the materials for production
[5] Tim sharing his passion with the TU/e and Philips seniors 
[6] Stella Lux is back home after a long trip in Dubai!
[7] Checking the safety requirements for the drivers during the challenge

Imagine a world where you can drive from the Netherlands to the south of France on a single charge... Already, we have proved that this is closer to reality than you think. Instead of being energy consumers, we believe cars will enable energy abundance. 

Solar cars are power banks on wheels. They will not only be energy neutral and emission-free themselves but will be able to accelerate the energy transition as a whole. This year, we take a major step towards the car of the future, but we cannot do that alone. Now that the design of the car is ready we need your help to finance the production.

You can help us achieve our goal. By contributing to one of the parts of the car we are currently working on you can accelerate our process, so that we can accelerate the future. We will thank all our helping hands with a surprise on their doormat.
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