Newsletter Week 28 – It’s back!

10 - 07 - 2019

Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter July 2019 – Week 28
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There she is: Stella Era!
The world’s first charging station on wheels
And her name is … Stella Era! Last week it was finally time to unveil our new solar car to all of you. Stella Era is an autonomous charging station on wheels. Did you miss the unveiling? You can watch the whole presentation here.

In the coming months, we will tell you all about her new features, and our progress in preparing ourselves and the car for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! Make sure to check us out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn (see links below)!
Let’s start off with last Thursday: we presented our new car Stella Era! It was a great success with roughly 500 people attending (according to our guesstimates).

We showed what we wanted to achieve this year with our new solar car and why she will make a difference in the mobility sector. Coincidentally, we’ve updated the website with a detailed story about the new car.
Read more about her here
Up until the car presentation, we were focused on the production of the car. After production is finished, you have a body, but it’s not a car yet. To make it a car, you will need things to drive the car: you’ll need solar panels, a battery, screens, a steering wheel, brakes, wheels, etc.
But before you add all components to the car, we gave her a paint job.
After the paint job, she was moved to our headquarters in Momentum, on the TU/e campus. From there on, we had to move fast: it was the beginning of June and the car presentation would be on the 4th of July! Only a few weeks left to fit all components in the car. We had to work concurrently as a team.
The battery and solar panel engineers worked on getting the battery ready for testing. Unfortunately, we found a large bug in the software running on the Battery Management System (BMS) and a large part had to be rewritten. On the right, Niels is testing one of the printed circuit boards (PCB).

Luckily, we could complete the rewrite (of the software) in less than a week and testing of the battery started. After the testing was complete and the battery was verified to be safe, it could be fitted inside the car.
Meanwhile, our mechanical engineers are working hard to build the last pieces that should be fitted on the body. You can see mechanical engineer Thomas working on a casing for one of the printed circuit boards that is to be fitted in the car.

Images from left to right, top to bottom:

[1] Laminating the bottom shell of the car.
[2] Coen searching for the right tools
[3] Our April 1st joke: baking Brabant’s ‘worstenbroodje‘ in our new oven 
[4] Mick and Dirk testing software on a printed circuit board
[5] Pam & Carijn showing us that they are still okay during production
[6] The start of our Partner Network Event
[7] Partners listening to a presentation given during the Partner Network Event

Lastly, we recently shipped our battery together with Solar Team Twente and Vattenfal Solar Team. Last time around we shipped our battery using an aircraft, but we suffered from massive delays. Lessons learned: this year we have chosen to transport them by ship. It means it will take longer, but it is easier to move big batteries on a boat than by plane. The batteries are to arrive around August 25th in Adelaide.

Even though we are closing in on the deadline to move the car to Australia, we still need help to be able to finance it all.

You can support us by means of crowdfunding. By contributing to one of the parts of the car we are currently working on you can accelerate our process, so that we can accelerate the future. We will thank all our helping hands with a surprise on their doormat.

All the contributions go directly towards enhancing the car and moving it to Australia. 
Make a donation

If you feel like you missed something in this newsletter or want to know some specific information about Stella Era, you can email us at [email protected]!

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