Newsletter Week 32 – We are almost ready to depart!

08 - 08 - 2019

Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter July 2019 – Week 32
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Let’s start packing for Australia!
We have been testing with Stella Era for a few weeks now and the time of departure draws ever closer and closer. This means we have to prepare us for the long trip to Australia. In this newsletter, you’ll learn all about the tasks we need to fix before Era is put inside the trailer and shipped and how much time there is left to clean in our office!
Performing the final tests…
We’ve been hard at work testing the car up until its limits. We have tested Stella Era for a lot of different safety measures, think of maximum allowable braking distance, order of wheel locking, sudden lane changes, emergency parking brake stops, etc. Additionally, tests like maximum speed, maximum acceleration, endurance and drive train performance have been performed.

In total, we’ve tested over 400 kilometers with our new car. It could have been more if we weren’t so unlucky with the weather conditions: we’ve had rain during more than 50% of the test days. 

Most often we’ve tested on test tracks (up to 3 km per track!). During one of these test days, we tested together with Top Dutch Solar Racing! It’s nice to see their new car driving around and it was a great opportunity to practice communication protocols used during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.
Read more about Stella Era
Finishing up the car
The final touches are being applied to Stella Era to make her fully functional and as pretty as she can be. You can see Jelte connecting the final cables to make sure the camera monitoring system is working. Our new steer has been tuned (a glimpse of it can be seen in the picture above) and the exterior lighting has been connected. We can now safely drive around while being able to see the road ahead of us in the dark!
Mechanical engineer Thomas is adjusting the pedal box and the provided sensors. We’ve had issues with the brake pedal sensor not calibrating properly, and Thomas is trying to fix that. It’s important that both the throttle and braking pedals are calibrated properly.
Mechanical engineer Arjen is teaching electrical engineer Daniël how you drill a hole in piece of wood. It’s not as easy at it may seem! Daniël is working on cases for the electrical equipment located in the solar car.
Team manager Carijn is ironing out the kinks in the (almost) final protocols that are used during the BWSC. Think of protocols like ‘how to overtake a solar team’, ‘how to quickly set up camp’, ‘how to make an emergency stop’, ‘how to drive in a convoy’, etc.

Look at that … a little Stella!
While we are busy working on the actual Stella Era, you can also build your own Stella! With help of the 2ontwerpers, we’ve put up a production line for Do-It-Yourself solar cars! If you’re interested in purchasing one for your little brother or you’d really like to build a solar car yourself (we can recommend it!), you can go over to our website and order them!
I want a Stella Era!

Images from left to right, top to bottom:

[1] Taskforce Practicality is working on the presentation that is used during the practicality judgement.
[2] Mechanical engineer Arjen is verifying whether the brake disks are adjusted correctly.
[3] Project leader Mick is checking the latest scrum tasks that were performed.
[4] Battery engineer Niels is checking the inner casing of the battery for any holes.
[5] A throwback photo to when the first solar panels were installed on the roof.
[6] Software engineers Vincent & Yvo are building a casing for the electronic boards installed in Stella Era.
[7] PR manager Marije is getting ready for shipping the new merchandise!

Let’s start packing those bags!
Stella Era will be shipped on the 14th of August using her new flight case. However, getting the car in the flight case is the easy part: finding all tools, labeling them and sorting them into the right container is part deux! We’re bringing 24 large boxes with us, 12 that will go back to our office in the Netherlands after the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and 12 that will follow our car to the USA.

However, all these boxes are not yet filled! This means we’ll need to hurry up to get everything sorted and stuffed before we leave.

We are almost ready to depart to Australia, but we still need your help!

You can support us by means of crowdfunding. By contributing to one of the parts of the car we are currently working on you can accelerate our process, so that we can accelerate the future. We will thank all our helping hands with a surprise on their doormat.

All the contributions go directly towards enhancing the car and moving it to Australia. 
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On a closing note
That’s it for this newsletter, thanks for reading!

If you feel like you missed something in this newsletter or want to know some specific information about Stella Era or our team, you can email us at [email protected]!


Thanks to Bart van Overbeeke for his amazing photos that are featured in this newsletter!
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