Newsletter Week 39 – Ready for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!

27 - 09 - 2019

Solar Team Eindhoven Newsletter September 2019 – Week 39
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The final preparations for the challenge!
We’ve arrived and settled in Darwin! In the last newsletter, we showed you our trip-up (from Adelaide to Darwin). The weeks have flown by and we’re making the final preparations for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (which starts in roughly 2 weeks!). In this newsletter, you’ll read about what we have done since we have arrived in Darwin, which has had many ups and downs already!
Testing on a race track
While in Darwin, we are able to use the Hidden Valley racing track to test our vehicle for high speed load-cases. It’s the ultimate track to verify whether Stella Era meets our safety requirements and test what lap times we can set. 
During the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC), the qualification is held at this racing track, also called the dynamic scrutineering. On Saturday, October 11th, we’ll be setting a track time that determines at what position we will start the next day. Luckily we could already try out this track for a few rounds!
Hard work pays off
After the damage to the solar panel and some worrisome events around the in-wheel motors (about which you can read more below), the team worked incredibly hard to stay on schedule and prepare as best as we can for the start of the #BWSC19. Where do you think we got our motivation from? All the support we got from you! 

Thanks to the help of our partners and our fans, the new solar panel arrived today! Just two weeks left to get back on track and make up for the lost time. But finally having the new panel in our hands definitely gives another motivation boost. 
A quick trip to Melbourne
During one of the testing days, we heard a very particular and worrisome sound from one of our in-wheel motors. We decided to inspect it, but couldn’t find anything. To prevent any damage from being done, we needed a third party to inspect the motor. Unfortunately, we’re located in Darwin and the company was located in Melbourne.

Since there’s only a few weeks until the BWSC, we had to act quickly. That’s why we decided to fly one our team members to Melbourne to bring the motor over there and get a spare one back. Within 48 hours, he was back in Melbourne with a new motor!
A week with Solar Team Eindhoven…
During the final phase of this project, many people have to work on the car, but it’s only available when it’s in the workshop. Moreover, only a handful of people can work on the car simultaneously. To solve this issue as efficiently as possible, we have several shifts that either test the car, fix any issues found during testing and add additional features that were not present on the car. 
Sometimes, media comes over to take a few pictures of our car (or team members for that matter). This time, the reporters were interested in a cool-looking picture of engineers that have been working on the car. What do you think about them? 
We are working hard to get our solar car ready for the BWSC. This means we’re making 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. On Sunday, everyone has some time off to enjoy Australia at its finest. One of the first things many people did on their ‘holiday’ was visiting the jumping crocodile course near Darwin!

Isn’t he happy to see us?

Stay positive, stay sportive!
During our stay in Darwin, we are busy preparing for the BWSC. However, we only have a few members of the team that will be driving in Stella Era during the trip! It can become very hot and humid in the solar car, so you must be well trained. The drivers and passengers prepare mentally and physically by attending a weekly sports class. Every week, they have two training sessions of an hour where they perform physical exercises at the hottest hours of the day.

Would you be able to keep up with them? 

The final weeks of our project have started! We’re about to start the challenge of our lives, but we very much need your help! The budget is not yet completed and there are still expenses that we need to cover. Think of all those engineers that are on a tight schedule and budget!

Consider supporting us by means of crowdfunding. By contributing to one of the parts of the car we are currently working on you can accelerate our process, so that we can accelerate the future. We will thank all our helping hands with a surprise on their doormat.

All the contributions go directly towards enhancing the car and making sure we grab that fourth World Championship title!
Make a donation

On a closing note
That’s it for now, but you can expect much more from us in the coming weeks. Of course, you can follow us via our social media channels, but did you also know that we have our own podcast? During the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge you can also follow us via real-time information on our website.

If you feel like you missed something in this newsletter or want to know some specific information about Stella Era or our team, you can email us at [email protected]!

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