One day to go: Meet the Competition

12 - 10 - 2019

Just one night left until the start of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019. After an exciting day at the Hidden Valley race track, we got a better impression of our competition. The fastest lap determines the starting position, but that’s not the only factor in the Cruiser Class that counts.

Our driver Luc had practiced the hotlap multiple times in the past few weeks and was fully prepared for putting down the best time possible. Three passengers drove along with Luc in Stella Era, making us one of few teams who drove with as much as four people. After an exciting round, Luc put down a time of 2:28.78, which makes us the 5th of the cruisers and the 20th of the overall classification. 

We expect the challenge to become a head to head race with the other Cruisers this year. Some good competition comes from the Australian teams, Italy and Hong Kong. 

Top 5:

  1. ATN Solar Car Team – car: Priscilla (Australia)
    2:13.40 with 2 occupants
  2. Sunswift – car: Violet (Australia)
    2:19.94 with 2 occupants
  3. IVE Engineering Solar Car Team – car: Sophie 6s (Hong Kong)
    2:21.97 with 2 occupants
  4. Flinders Automotive Solar Team – car: Investigator Mk 3 (Australia)
    2:22.66 with one occupant
  5. Solar Team Eindhoven – car: Stella Era
    2:28.78 with 4 occupants

Note that many Cruisers drove with only two passengers. From all Cruisers that drove with a total of four passengers, we achieved the 1st place! The amount of occupants is taken into account in the scoring formula. One of our main competitors is the Italian team Onda Solare, driving with four occupants and having won the American Solar Challenge last year.

Tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning Australian time, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge officially commences. The strategy team, consisting of three team members, will start with their important task during the challenge: finding the optimal balance between speed, energy consumption, amount of passengers, and making it to the last control stop before the end of the day.