Partners 2021

Partners 2021

These partners help us contribute to a better future


Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

TU/e educates students and advances knowledge in science & technology for the benefit of humanity. The university integrates education and research to enable students and scientists to become thought leaders and to design and achieve the unimaginable. In close collaboration with public and private partners, basic research is translated into meaningful solutions. Solar Team Eindhoven was founded in 2012 by TU/e students and has since then always received immense support for the development of the previous four solar vehicles. TU/e will proudly continue to support Solar Team Eindhoven with the development of the fifth solar vehicle by sharing knowledge, facilities and by together bridging the gap between real-life solutions and technological innovation.

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Boerboom Hout

For each team, Boerboom Hout Groep supplies the wooden molds that are required to realize the new design. Boerboom supports the team with specialist knowledge and flexibility. In addition, Boerboom works with our designers on concepts for a sustainable interior and a natural feeling in the car.


From the very start of Solar Team Eindhoven, NXP has been a household name. NXP supports our team with state-of-the-art hardware and engineering support for our embedded systems and telematics.

Neways Electronics International

Neways Electronics International supports Solar Team Eindhoven through their development site in the Netherlands with both hardware (PCBAs) and engineering services. Neways Technologies produces controlling PCBAs which are used for the main functionality of the car. Neways also reviews all electronic designs (schematic and PCB layout) and helps the team with the design of their cable-assembly.


ANWB helps us with planning the route for our tour through Europe. Their experts help us making sure that we are prepared to travel the open road! ANWB will also be the first company to ever insure a Solar powered home on wheels.


Brainport Industries Campus

At the Brainport Industries Campus top technology, education, innovation and high-quality facilities come together under one roof. Solar Team Eindhoven is housed at the campus with an office and workshop, which gives the team a powerful position within the BIC environment.

Cards PLM Solutions

Cards PLM Solutions has helped our team to increase our productiveness by setting-up a Siemens Teamcenter environment. This makes collaboration on 3D models within specific systems or components possible in an online database. Modifications by team members are safely integrated, making our workflows more efficient.


Ansys provides our engineers with the tools necessary to perform complex simulations. Main applications include CFD and structural composites simulations. The simulations allow us to optimize and increase performance of many aspects of our vehicle.


KPN, which is also housed at the Brainport Industries Campus, delivers the fastest 5G network of the Netherlands. With the help of KPN, we can make use of 5G within our vehicle so we have less delay on our network.


The designers of VanBerlo Agency Part of Accenture work in close collaboration with our designers. They aid us in developing designs and interactions that shape our vision of the future. Together we create the vehicle of the future.

Berco Truck Components

Berco Truck Components supports Solar Team Eindhoven with innovative interior design solutions for the newest solar-powered vehicle. Their experience in designing and developing lightweight space-saving interior components helps Solar Team Eindhoven in creating an efficient interior.


ENGIE is an international services and energy company taking the lead in sustainable change. In the Netherlands they are market leader in technical services, which they also deliver for Solar Team Eindhoven at the Brainport Industries Campus.

ETF Group

With 70 years of experience in imaginative engineering, machines for the floorcovering and non-woven industry and people movers and ride systems for theme parks and museums, the ETF Group provides state of the art products and technology. With ETF – Soios, ETF will also make use of the sun power to provide sustainable mobility with their SunShuttles


Sioux contributes to a safe healthy and sustainable world through innovation. Sioux helped Solar Team Eindhoven by providing a race-container and beautiful livery to come with it, to help us logistically


AAE can be defined as: groundbreaking technology in a close-knit family business in Helmond. Since its inception in 1976, AAE has grown to become an advanced high-tech machine manufacturer with an international reputation. AAE shares her knowledge and facilities with the team and brings the team in contact with their extensive network of suppliers.


Thetford is the global leader in mobile saniation systems, refrigerators and cooking equipment. Thetford is constantly innovating, and will help us with products for our interior


Flow Concepts

Team dynamics is really important. With trainings from Flowconcepts we know how to get in to the flow and collaborate better with each other.


BG Legal, from their office at the Brainport Industries Campus provides us with the right strategy and knowledge within the legal area.


Siemens NX software is key to our design and supports every aspect of product development, from simulation to manufacturing.


Demcon supports us by working together on the cfd simulations of the battery. Furthermore do they assist us in making the testplans for integration testing.

World of Minds

Learn how to work better, smarter and communicate better especially in the online times. The right mindset and tools will help you further.

Bekkers Autoschade

Innovatiecentrum Verkeer en Logistiek

Saluqi Motors

Saluqi Motors delivers the motors for our vehicle with the highest efficiency.



SNEP provides all physical promotional materials for Solar Team Eindhoven.


Frontrunner in logistic process automation. Vanderlande helped us with a training in problem solving and decision making.


Our partner for vegetables and fruit, to stay healthy.

Lukkien Autobekleding

Lukkien provides the upholstery of the interior of our newest solar-powered vehicle.


The internet box of Vitsch makes sure that our vehicle can communicate with us.


Eurocircuits provides the controlling PCBAs which are used for the main functionality of the car.


Henkel brings together different components of the vehicle by supplying us glue.


Creating smooth movements through linear actuators


Axalta makes sure our team stays safe during the production by supplying our members with personal protective equipment.

Lonsain Design Studio


Ceratec provides us with the most efficient, ceramic bearings.

Fontys Delta

Magis Vastgoed


Subsidiefocus helps us with the application of subsidies


HEC helped us with the cfd simulations of the electrical components and validated our cfd values of the whole vehicle

VA Motorsport



Supports us through Amber's sustainable car-sharing service.


Provides us with their easy to use accounting software, integrated with Basecone.

Automotive Campus


Basecone, together with Twinfield, helps us with easy administration.


Provides us with their PMD solution, for in our battery system.

Avans Hogeschool


Representing manufacturers of all kind of vehicles, and supports our mission


Supports us with their innovative insulation monitoring device

LM Systems

Creating smooth movements through spindles and guiders.


Medicamarkt support us with mask, disinfection gel and other materials so we can produce safely.

Heftruck Service Limburg

Bata Industrials

Qonnect Fasteners

Brainport Smart District

BEL Power Solutions

Truckland Group B.V.

Drivetrain Innovation

XYZ dynamics