Partners 2019

The partners that help us create our dream


Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

The TU/e, leading in sustainable development, educates science students to become engineers able to link technological innovation to societal needs. In 2012, Solar Team Eindhoven emerged from this vision. Since then, the TU/e has supported the development of the Stella Family and continues to support the construction of a fourth solar car through knowledge, facilities, and collaboration. Solar Team Eindhoven's solar-powered family cars embody the TU/e's goal to bridge the gap between technological developments and their implementation in daily life.

Prodrive Technologies

Prodrive Technologies is a proven, innovative partner for industrial development and manufacturing. Their portfolio ranges from smart manufacturing solutions in clean room conditions to technological and development solutions in the fields of high-tech electronics, electric motors and embedded systems and computing. In cooperation with Prodrive Technologies, Solar Team Eindhoven is developing state-of-the-art in-wheel motors to optimize the car’s efficiency. The Solar Team engineers are supported in the design, manufacturing and testing by the knowledge, capabilities and skills of the Eindhoven-based tech company.


Neways Electronics

Neways Electronics International supports Solar Team Eindhoven through their development site in the Netherlands with both hardware (PCBAs) and engineering services. Neways Technologies produces all controlling PCBAs which are used for the main functionality of the car. Neways also reviews all electronic designs (schematic and PCB layout) and helps the team with the design of their cable-assembly.

Boerboom Hout

For each team, Boerboom Hout supplies the wooden molds that are required to realize the new design. Boerboom supports the team with specialist knowledge and flexibility. In addition, Boerboom works with our designers on concepts for a sustainable interior and a natural feeling in the car.


From the very start of Solar Team Eindhoven, NXP has been a household name. This year NXP again supports our team with state-of-the-art hardware and engineering support for our embedded systems and telematics. We are also working with NXP on our newest innovation to get the maximum out of solar energy!


For the third edition in a row, Axians is actively involved in Solar Team Eindhoven. Axians supports the team with the development of a data platform for data processing, analysis, and visualization of information about the new solar car. Together we build on the Solar Navigator and Solar Parking apps from the previous Stella’s with a cool feature that’s soon to be revealed!


AI In Motion is a spin-off of the Eindhoven University of Technology. AIIM rethinks and redesigns possibilities by adding intelligence onto perception and localization to support autonomous vehicles and robots within challenging environments. Together with AIIM, we will be taking our first autonomous steps in the coming years towards optimizing the use of renewable energy in mobility.


Cleantron supports our team as the main partner in the field of engineering support and production of the battery pack. Just like with a standard electric car, the battery of our solar car is the part that provides everything with energy. Cleantron has many years of experience in making custom battery packs and the standardization of production processes. Thereby ensuring that the battery will be reliable, safe while delivering high-performance.


Verum Software Tools

Verum Software Tools has provided our team with Dezyne, a tool to model and verify software before implementing it. By using Dezyne in the design phase, our team is able to guarantee that our software will function flawlessly when implemented in the safety-critical systems aboard Stella Era.

Cards PLM Solutions

Cards PLM Solutions has helped our team to increase our productiveness by setting-up a Siemens Teamcenter environment. Collaboration on 3D models within specific systems or components is managed through this online database in such a way that modifications by individual team members are safely integrated with each other.


Everything in our solar car is designed and built by our engineers. But when the delivery of several of the molds for the body and chassis of the solar car were delayed, YoungCapital Next detached some of their young talents to our production when we needed it the most. This brought us back on schedule in our time of need!

Metropool Regio Eindhoven

Bekkers Autoschade

Bekkers Autoschade is a top-notch auto repair company that belongs to a select group of companies that meet the highest quality requirements. Bekkers’ craftsmanship in car finishing helped us with the sophistication of the exterior finishing of Stella Era as well as an outstanding paintjob. Most of all, the passion for cars and Bekkers’ flexibility to adjust to our difficult timelines were of great value.

Brainport Industries Campus


Developing printed circuit boards is a vital task for our Electrical Engineers, which requires extensive tools and a powerful editor. Altium Designer provides us with a complete solution for PCB design, which makes it possible for us to design reliable and technically complete PCB’s in a short period of time.



In a large project like building a solar car, it is challenging to keep track of all the requirements that the different systems have to meet. Our team uses ReQtest software to keep an overview. This way, the engineers are always up-to-date and aware of the requirements and the relationships between them.


In collaboration with SNEP we ensure that the story of Solar Team Eindhoven is widely spread. From photo books with memories of the previous Stella's to notable invitations for the presentation of the new car: SNEP thinks along and delivers high-quality print.

Versplaza Weijts fruit

We are dependent on sponsors not only for every component of the car, but also for the condition and performance of the team. Every monday morning, Versplaza Weijts brings a fair amount of fresh fruit by the office for the daily dose of vitamins and energy.

Delta Elektronika

University Racing Eindhoven

Just like us, our fellow students from University Racing Eindhoven put their knowledge into practice by joining a student team. The collaboration between the teams brings both of the projects to a higher level.

Innovatie centrum verkeer en logistiek

Innovatie centrum verkeer en logistiek

World of Minds

Kolsters Metaal

Kolsters Metaal is a CNC and conventional machining company that can cope with single pieces and small series. The experienced craftsmanship within the company has allowed us to create some of the complex aluminum designs of the suspension and steering system of Stella Era.


YSS Suspension


40GradenZuid heeft een groot aantal renders gemaakt van zowel het exterieur als interieur van Stella Era. Hiermee zetten wij onze zonne-auto goed op de kaart!

IPS Technology

Panasonic Industry Europe

Van Gils

Van Gils is an iconic fashion brand for style conscious men since 1948. With predominantly male engineers in the team and Van Gils’ mission to create sustainable business fashion through their newest clothing collection, Van Gils made us look stylish and professional.

Keysight Technologies

Nordcloud (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services, with support from Nordcloud, has made the process of simulating the aerodynamic properties of our design faster, easier and more reliable.


Van Leeuwen Modelmakerij

Bata Industrials

Metaal Techniek Oirschot


Airtech Europe

Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch

Alius Energy

During the car presentation of Stella Era, we wanted to livestream the event. Thanks for KPN, we had access to an unlimited data plan with excellent coverage to livestream.