Solar Team Eindhoven builds new solar car on the Brainport Industries Campus

28 - 01 - 2019

Photo: Bram Saeys; BIC Brainport Industries Campus; Ferdinand Gremmen (SdK), TU/e Solar Team Eindhoven

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Eindhoven, 28 January 2019

Solar Team Eindhoven’s fourth solar-powered family car will be produced at the brand-new Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). The students will be given a place in the so-called ‘factory of the future’, where they will start the production of the innovative solar car on the first of March 2019.

Part of the students of Solar Team Eindhoven will exchange their office on the TU/e campus for a workshop on the BIC. The team, consisting of 27 students, has been working on the design of a family car powered by solar energy since September that is to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2019. The production of the car will result from a unique collaboration with the BIC; the place where innovative high-tech companies and organizations join forces. For the first time since the foundation of Solar Team Eindhoven in 2012, the solar car will be produced entirely in Eindhoven, opening up many opportunities.

More than just a production location

Carijn Mulder, Team Manager, confirms that the enormous green building of the BIC not only offers sufficient space for building a solar car but also offers plenty of opportunities. “For example, we are working on setting up collaborations with students from the Summa College for milling work and Engie supports us in setting up the workplace. The fact that at the BIC facilities, knowledge and the drive to innovate come together makes it an ideal place for us to realize our dream. “

The product of an ecosystem

Ferdinand Gremmen, SDK Vastgoed, developer of the BIC, welcomes the students: “The fact that Solar Team Eindhoven is coming to the BIC is great news. The solar car that the team develops is the perfect example of a high mix, high complexity, low volume product where innovation comes first. “

“This collaboration is exactly what the Brainport Industries Campus stands for as ‘Factory of the Future’ and that really brings the arrival of the team to life. The other residents of the BIC are triggered to contribute with their knowledge, facilities, and expertise. In this way, the car that will appear at the start in Australia in October will be a product of our ecosystem. “

Luxury for the student team

A sustainable, accessible and comfortable production location is not a given fact for the student team. Previous teams have built the car in not-ideal circumstances all over the country. Carijn Mulder: “We need an oven the size of a sea container and these are not easy to find, which is why part of the team that produced Stella Vie spent weeks on a camping. Thus, having a production site close to home is extremely important for improving the team process. “