Solar Team Eindhoven is close to fourth win at Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

18 - 10 - 2019

Adelaide, Friday, October 18 – The Stella Era solar car from Eindhoven University of Technology has achieved the highest efficiency score of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with 112 points. The students are well on their way to becoming the world champion for the fourth time in the passenger car class. The team has a considerable lead but can only officially take the world title home after the jury assessment on Saturday.

Difficult circumstances

In six days the only Dutch team in the Cruiser Class drove the distance of more than 3000 kilometers from North to South Australia. Along the way, the strong wind in particular was a major challenge, causing the team from Twente to stop their race in the Challenger class. The four-person solar car Stella Era was unable to drive with full occupancy, which meant that it received strong competition from the other solar cars in the Cruiser Class.

In contrast to previous editions, the teams were only allowed to charge their solar car twice at a normal charging station, producing the longest stage on a single battery charge of up to 1200 kilometers. As only one of the two solar cars, the team arrived at the checkpoint on time. The processed score was determined by the number of people-kilometers (kilometers traveled multiplied by the number of passengers carried) and the amount of energy used.

The students from Eindhoven have scored 112 points, twice as many points as the number two.

Stella Era bij finish World Solar Challenge
Students from Solar Team Eindhoven celebrating in the Adelaide fountain

Waiting for the official results

Carijn Mulder, team manager: “It feels fantastic to cross the finish line in no time! I am extremely proud of the team and our car, which we have worked very hard on for a year and a half. Due to quite a few setbacks, it was exciting in the last few weeks that we could finish the long stages at all. The team has been focused to the last minute and will also show what Stella Era has to offer during the jury assessment on Saturday. “

After the finish the teams are judged on the comfort and innovations of their solar car. “Stella Era was not only built for the World Solar Challenge, but mainly with the aim of developing a car that really gets the most out of the sun. We are confident that Stella Era, as a self-driving charging station, will also achieve a good score here.” Carijn said.

This Sunday at 12 A.M. (CET), the team will hear whether they take the world title home for the fourth time. In any case, TU Eindhoven is already very proud of the team’s performance so far.

World Solar Challenge met Stella Era - dag 6
Stella Era cruising around Port Augusta