Stella Era is ready for the World Solar Challenge! Is the team ready as well?

09 - 10 - 2019

9 October, Darwin – Yesterday, Stella Era received all of her green stickers during the Static Scrutineering. She got through 14 technical checks which means she has passed the scrutineering! She is Challenge-ready, but is the team ready as well? In order to be prepared for all kinds of situations during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge we did a “Challenge simulation” today.

Alumni of our team had prepared simulations of challenging situations that can occur during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge like for example a bush fire, a flat tire, a team member that is feeling unwell or a convoy car that stops working. Some of these have actually happened in the past so we’d better be prepared!

Today, all drivers and passengers took turns in Stella Era to get experience in driving under stressful circumstances. Furthermore, all other team members have specific tasks when situations like these occur and they need to know exactly what to do at what time. Every situation asks for a different protocol.

The Challenge simulation takes place at Gunn Point Road, a road of 28 kilometers near Darwin. In total, we drive this road 19,5 times today which makes it a total of about 550 kilometers. We are not the only solar team testing here today. We met Sonnenwagen Team Aachen and SolarCar-Team Hochschule Bochum – one of our competitors during the Challenge – at our first control stop of the day.

With the experiences of today, we believe everyone is fully prepared for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!