Stella Era

Autonomous charging station on wheels

Stella Era

The goal stated in the Dutch climate agreement is to drive emission-free by 2030. To achieve this, around 200 charging stations will have to be installed every day in the Netherlands to supply the energy required that is needed to sustain all these electric vehicles. On top of that, we will encounter the challenge to supply these charging points with fossil-fuel independent energy. Currently, 85% of electricity comes from non-renewable sources. Society is facing an enormous challenge.

We believe the solution is not in placing charging stations, but in cars themselves.

Stella Era introduces a new era for mobility: an era where cars are not just energy-consumers, but energy-sources. Stella Era is a solar-powered family car that autonomously maximizes her solar-energy gain . Moreover, she shares this energy directly with other electric vehicles. This makes Stella Era the world’s first charging station on wheels. This is how:

Decrease energy use


Stella Era has a range of 1200 kilometers with four occupants, according to the WLTP standard. The distance that Stella Era can drive when optimized for efficiency is more than 1800 kilometers. The power lies in the aerodynamics, weight, and electric efficiency of the car.

For Stella Era we have greatly improved the electrical efficiency by developing the complete power train ourselves. The most important part are the two in-wheel motors that are being developed from A to Z. The in-wheel motors are developed in-house, reaching an efficiency of 98.5%. They are also able to generate energy by regenerative braking. Using these motors, we decrease the power usage.

The average distance that motorists travel in the Netherlands is only about 50 kilometers a day. This leaves a large amount of clean, free, solar energy unused.

WLTP driving cycle

900 kilometers range

single battery charge, no sun

1200 kilometers range

single battery charge, with sun

World Solar Challenge

1200 kilometers range

single battery charge, no sun

1800 kilometers range

single battery charge, with sun

Increase energy gain

Autonomously chasing the Sun

Stella Era is the world's first self-driving solar vehicle. She chases the Sun by continuously finding the optimal parking spot.

Energy-sharing is only really possible, when collecting solar energy is maximized. Cars are parked 70-90% of the time and, often, this is in the shadow. What if a car could autonomously chase the Sun to maximize her solar energy gain?

Stella Era is able to autonomously drive to a sunny parking spot. When you park her in the Sun and go off to work, she will relocate herself to a spot where the energy gain is higher. This way she maximizes the use of the solar energy that is available. The car takes into consideration the location of the owner and his/her calendar, so that you do not have to go look for your car in a sunnier country.

Share the energy

Charging station on wheels

Stella Era shares her abundance of energy directly with other electric vehicles. Thus, she skips charging stations and brings energy wherever the road takes her.

The car takes into consideration the location of the owner and his/her calendar, so that you do not have to go look for your car in a sunnier country. Through innovative features in her interior you can easily determine how much energy you can and want to share with other electric vehicles. Stella Era makes sure she always has enough energy left to get you home.


EV-EV charging socket

With the charging socket for electric vehicles, Stella Era directly shares her energy with electric vehicles that are in need of energy.┬áIn this way, Stella Era is ready for the future: she’ll power electric mobility with her gathered solar energy.

Energy slider

The interior of the car has an integrated energy slider, with which the user can communicate how much energy you want to share. Stella Era determines whether this amount is in line with the amount of energy she has to share. The slider provides haptic feedback to communicate this with the user.

4G and WiFi connection

The interior also features a custom-built entertainment system that allows you to enjoy the best music and movies while on the road. Stella Era allows you to browse the Internet using her 4G internet connection. She can also share this connection with mobile devices using a local WiFi network. You can work inside and outside the car!

Stella App

The car comes with a platform that is made for both the solar car users as for users of electric vehicles. Via the app, electric vehicles will be able to see Stella Era as a regular charging station, even though she is a mobile one.

Build your own Stella Era

The Stella Era DIY kit is a miniature version of Stella Era that allows you to build a solar car yourself. Like a real solar car, it drives when placed in the Sun!