The solar powered family car

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World’s first solar powered family car

Stella is world’s first solar powered family car. She is clean, drives on solar power and she is comfortable. We believe Stella is the future of automotive and that this future is coming very soon.

In 2013, we showed the world the possibilities of solar mobility. The goal was to prove that a solar powered family car could drive 3000 kilometers. Stella performed so well that we even won the World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class in Australia! After the World Solar Challenge Stella traveled across the globe. From Singapore to California and from Australia to England, she visited four continents. We have shown the world the future of mobility.

Stella was created and built by a team of 20 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Stella is a fully working prototype and helps us a step forward to solar mobility. We want a clean future where driving is save and simple. We want to see Stellas on the road everywhere.