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Welcome to the Stella Family

Stella, Stella Lux, and Stella Vie are world’s most efficient family cars.  Their optimal aerodynamics and low weight result in a low energy consumption. Together with the energy collected by the solar roof this results in a range of 1000 kilometers. 

Discover the secret of our solar cars

Stella Vie

World's first road-legal solar-powered family car

1000 km range


Road legal

Total mass 380 kg

Developed in 2017

The car for every day life

“Vie”, which is French for “life”, is the car for everyday life. Although she is lower than conventional cars, due to her big doors and handles she is easy to enter. Inside she provides a comfortable driving experience due to ergonomically optimized seats, a clean and spacious interior and intuitive controls for both driving and infotainment. A futuristic solar car that is ready for today! But that’s not all. Vie also stands for the Roman numeral “V”, or 5, as Stella Vie is the first solar-powered family car ever to seat five persons.

Optimally efficient energy use

While designing the aerodynamic shell of Stella Vie, a perfect balance between aerodynamic and aesthetic design was pursued. The result of this process yielded a car body which features some well known automotive design features whilst also being nine percent more aerodynamic than its predecessor, Stella Lux. Although Stella Vie has a smaller battery and a solar array that is one square meter smaller, it still achieves a range of 1000 kilometers on a sunny summer day in the Netherlands. The surplus energy generated by Vie can be supplied back to the house or electric grid. The smart charging and discharging system keeps track of energy prices and the user’s agenda in order to find the optimal time to charge or discharge. Stella Vie’s charging status can also easily be checked through its connection with a smart thermostat.

Efficient driving assistance

Through it’s updated solar navigator, which now takes height profile maps into account, Stella Vie finds the most efficient route and shows how much energy you will save compared to a standard, fossil fuel powered car. When approaching the destination, Vie will offer parking assistance. If enabled, Vie’s built-in solar parking system will use height maps, weather data, and a parking probability map to guide you to a free parking spot. The chosen parking spot is the one within range of the destination which yields the most solar energy.

While driving Stella Vie uses the latest V2X technology to warn the driver to anticipate upcoming traffic events, which allows for safer and more efficient driving. Finally, it also encourages the user to drive as efficiently as possible by giving subtle feedback through a built-in lighting system, this system warns the driver by turning red when either braking or accelerating too fiercely.

Stella Lux

The energy positive family car

1000 km range on a sunny day


Energy positive

Developed in 2015

Energy abundance

Stella Lux is an energy positive family car. This means that over an entire year she generates more energy than she consumes, even in Dutch weather conditions! The aerodynamic design has an important role in this: consider, for example, the tunnel which runs through the center of the car. Furthermore, Stella Lux has an extended roof on both sides of the car. Because of this, we were able to place another row of solar panels on the car. Stella Lux is designed to be extremely light by using materials like carbon fiber and aluminum.

Intelligent driving

Stella Lux is an intelligent car. For example, it contains an innovative energy management system: the Solar Navigator. By collecting the current weather data Solar Navigator gives suggestions for the optimal route. Furthermore, Stella Lux is synchronized with your smartphone, because of this Stella Lux is up to date about your appointments during the day.

By combining the flexible screen layout of a tablet and haptic buttons, we developed Layr. By scrolling the tangible bar over the screen applications are maximized or minimized. Three gaps in the bar direction your fingers to the right spot, so you won’t have to look at the touchscreen to operate it. Because of this Layr increases safety. Stella Lux communicates with other cars on the road. For example, the music volume automatically turns down when an ambulance is approaching.

Made for a family

No other solar car has the same comfort as Stella Lux. The beautiful interior appears after the door is automatically unlocked when Stella Lux detects your smartphone nearby. The door itself is part of the seat which gives you a spacious interior experience.

The seats are equipped with comfortable textile in combination with lightweight pillows which let you enjoy maximum comfort. The rest of the interior is designed with bright colors and materials. This gives the interior of Stela Lux an open and bright appearance. The mood lights that are cleverly installed through the entire car makes you imagine you are driving in a futuristic mini-lounge.


World's first solar powered family car

650 km range on a sunny day


Best Cruiser of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013

Developed in 2013

Start of a legacy

Stella is the world’s first solar-powered family car. She is clean, drives on solar power and she is comfortable. We believe Stella is the future of automotive and that this future is coming very soon.

In 2013, we showed the world the possibilities of solar mobility. The goal was to prove that a solar-powered family car could drive 3000 kilometers. Stella performed so well that we even won the World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class in Australia! After the World Solar Challenge Stella traveled across the globe. From Singapore to California and from Australia to England, she visited four continents. We have shown the world the future of mobility.

Stella was created and built by a team of 20 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Stella is a fully working prototype and helps us a step forward to solar mobility. We want a clean future where driving is safe and simple. We want to see solar-powered vehicles on the road everywhere.