Stella Vie is officially road legal!

License plate: check! ☑

After many tests by the road authorities, we can finally state that Stella Vie is officially road legal! We received our license plate just in time before we left The Netherlands. This yellow plate is not just a silly piece of metal, but it implies our solar car is now suitable to drive on the road like every normal car. This means one of our most important goals in our journey has been achieved.

Stella Vie at DARE!!

During the RDW static tests

The tests started on the 26th of July with the static and dynamic tests at the RDW in Lelystad. The week after we had our electrical safety tests at DARE!! and the R100. There were only some small notes we were able to fix quite easily. After all the documentation was approved, we received the news that we passed every test and that Stella Vie is ready to hit the road.

We want to thank the RDW and DARE!! for their help during the whole year.