Stella Lux joins trade mission to Las Vegas and Silicon Valley

Stella Lux will test and demonstrate leading edge technology on the Laguna Seca Race Trackway in California on January 8, 2017 through the Trans-Atlantic Smart e-Mobility Program S4C. Netherlands Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs will personally oversee the test run as the Stella Lux embodies an important part of Dutch innovation, from robotics and photonics to Smart e-Mobility and energy technology. The Minister is leading an high-tech economic mission to California focusing on these topics.

Stella Lux will be the first all solar-powered car to demonstrate new energy positive technologies at the world famous track; offering a striking contrast to the loud and high octane fuel using race cars that normally make the rounds at Laguna Seca track. Because Stella Lux is an energy positive car she will not need any pit stops. Additionally, she will function as the Pace Car for the day’s race scheduled at Laguna. Our team will then meet with students from Monterey County, California who had the opportunity to build their own mini-Stella and research the transportation of the future.

Many of the leading automotive technology companies (Mercedes, Porsche, Tesla, McLaren, Audi, Ferrari, etc.) have all a tested and demonstrated breakthrough technologies (such as engines, tires, suspension, fuel, aerodynamics, etc.) at Laguna Seca.

The following week Stella Lux and our team members will attend several events like a Smart E-mobility conference, another conference at Stanford where Maarten Steinbuch will speak, a visit at Prospect SV and VDL and many more small stops. Do you want to stay tuned? Follow us at Facebook and Twitter!

Media RSVP required. Media should RSVP to attend Stella Lux at Laguna Seca by emailing [email protected] by 12 pm on January 7, 2017.