Solar Team Eindhoven reveals concept SHOW

Solar Team Eindhoven reveals their newest solar-powered vehicle to be developed in 2021. SHOW stands for Self-sustaining House On Wheels. A mobile house in which you can live,
work and live while traveling on the energy of the sun. SHOW generates enough solar
energy to drive, shower, watch TV, charge your laptop and also make coffee.

SHOW is self-sufficient in terms of energy and independent of charging infrastructure.
This shows that driving on solar energy has endless possibilities. The energy generated
is used for both driving and living. Everything comes together in one independent
energy system, SHOW also gives a clear insight into your energy consumption. In this way, you deal consciously with the energy you have, and what it can be used for. 

Video reveal of the Self-sustaining House On Wheels (SHOW)

Previously Solar Team Eindhoven produced four solar-powered family cars, where the initial goal was to develop a solar powered family car. These family cars are the foundation for the Lightyear One, the first solar-powered car made for consumers. Therefore, the team decided to look ahead, for other possibilities for solar-powered mobility. With SHOW, Solar Team Eindhoven wants to inspire the transition towards a sustainable future in both energy as well as mobility.

USA news: Stella Lux in the spotlight during Lucky Dog Racing League


On Sunday the 8th of January, Stella Lux was a special guest at the start of a 7-hour endurance race at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. She appeared as safety car driving the first round in front of all the Lucky Dogs cars.
The reason of our visit was our involvement in the Dutch economic trade mission to Las Vegas and Silicon Valley together with Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs, Prince Constantijn and many Dutch companies. The minister tested Stella Lux and was very impressed by our car. Out of his hands, we received an achievement award with the words: “Thank you for inspiring innovation!”.


Minister Kamp handing over an achievement award to Martijn Lammers.

A student of Monterey County elementary school with Stella Lux.


After the official moment we were able to meet a large group of elementary school-age students from Monterey County who built mini-Stellas. They could take a look inside the car and race with their own-built models. The kids were very enthusiast and they truly understood the technology our solar car is based on.

Program on Monday

On Monday morning (CA time) the trade mission continues with the Smart e-Mobility Conference hosted by Bay Area Air Quality Management District, where Stella Lux will be shown. Our friend Maarten Steinbuch is one of the keynote speakers. In the afternoon she will stand in front of The Glasshouse during the Holland in the Valley Business Dinner.