Team 2017

Name:Wout Gubbels
Age:23 years
Function:Team Manager
Program:MSc. Mechanical Engineering
"As Team Manager, I am responsible for the team dynamics, external relations, general management of the team and acquisition. I make sure our team performs optimally and that all team members can focus fully on their own tasks."

Wout Gubbels

Team Manager

Name:Camiel Beeren
Age:24 years
Function:Technical Manager
Program:MSc. Innovation Management
"As Technical Manager, I am responsible for the technical sponsorships, purchasing and supply, acquisition and external relations. My job is to involve as many great companies as possible to contribute to our project with their state-of-the-art technology."

Camiel Beeren

Technical Manager

Name:Jessie Harms
Age:21 years
Function:Account Manager
Program:BSc. Industrial Design
"As Account Manager, I am responsible for the development and maintenance of the partnerships. I have the privilege to be in contact with our partners and supporters to expand our community every week. I am looking forward to all the companies we are about to meet in the coming months!"

Jessie Harms

Account Manager

Name:Beatrix Box
Age:20 years
Function:Public Relations and Finance Manager
Program:BSc. Sustainable Innovation
"The combination of Public Relations and Finance Manager is a rare one, but they complement each other in a nice way. As with public relations, I am very busy with the world outside STE (like the press and at events) and as finance manager I need to know every part that we will need in the car."

Beatrix Bos

Public Relations and Finance Manager

Name:Lasse Castenmiller
Age:22 years
Function:Project Manager
Program:BSc. Applied Physics
"As Project Manager, I am responsible for the tight time schedule and the interdisciplinary cooperation. In a project like ours, nothing is certain and circumstances are changing on a daily basis. My job is to anticipate on them rather than to react."

Lasse Castenmiller

Project Manager

Name:Karlijn Fransen
Age:22 years
Function:System Architect Mechanical Engineering
Program:MSc. Mechanical Engineering & MSc. Industrial and Applied Mathematics
"As System Architect I am responsible for providing a structure in which the huge task of building a car is split into smaller and more manageable tasks. Every task or component in the car should meet certain requirements to ensure our car performs as desired. Once the engineers in our team have completed all the small tasks in such a way that all requirements are met, we've built the car!"

Karlijn Fransen

System Architect - Mechanical Engineering

Name:Bram Lomans
Age:21 years
Function:Vehicle Dynamic Engineer
Program:BSc. Mechanical Engineering
"As Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, it is my job to make sure that the car has a good handling. I'm responsible for the suspension, steering system, mechanical braking system, tires and the overall vehicle dynamics of the car. My challenge is to design lightweight, reliable solar specific mechanisms."

Bram Lomans

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Name:Emile van Halsema
Age:22 years
Function:Aerodynamics & Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
Program:MSc. Mechanical Engineering
"As an Aerodynamics Engineer I was responsible for the aerodynamic shape of the car. Since the exterior shape is now finished, I am now working on the suspension, steering system and mechanical braking system of the car."

Emile van Halsema

Aerodynamics & Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Name:Nils Terpstra
Age:22 years
Function:Aerodynamics & Packaging Engineer
Program:MSc. Mechanical Engineering
"I started this project doing CFD calculations to realise the most optimal shape of the car. I'm currently responsible for the packaging of the car, which is like trying to fill a refrigerator, but with no space and very big electrical components instead of a can of milk."

Nils Terpstra

Aerodynamics & Packaging Engineer

Name:Kyron Pijpers
Age:22 years
Function:Aerodynamics & Structural Engineer
Program:BSc. Mechanical Engineering
"As Aerodynamics Engineer my focus was on optimizing the exterior shape aerodynamically. Currently, I am assisting the structural engineers by drawing the monocoque and by designing the moulds, which we are using to build the chassis."

Kyron Pijpers

Aerodynamics & Structural Engineer

Name:Tom van Beurden
Age:21 years
Function:Structural Engineer Composites
Program:MSc. Mechanical Engineering
"Together with my colleague To, I am responsible for the design and production of the chassis of the new car."

Tom van Beurden

Structural Engineer Composites

Name:Toine Schmetz
Age:21 years
Function:Structural Engineer Composites
Program:BSc. Mechanical Engineering
"Together with my colleague To, I am responsible for the design and production of the chassis of the new car. "

Toine Schmetz

Structural Engineer Composites

Name:Koen van Vugt
Age:22 years
Function:System Architect Electrical Engineering & Powertrain Engineer
Program:BSc. Electrical Engineering
"As System Architect of electrical engineering I am responsible for the integration of all electrical components in the car and the interfaces thay have with the other disciplines like Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. Additionally I am responsible for the power train of the car and in specific the electrical motors."

Koen van Vugt

System Architect EE & Powertrain Engineer

Name:Daan de Rooij
Age:21 years
Function:PV-System Engineer & PCB Schematic Designer
Program:BSc. Electrical Engineering
"A solar powered family car has one major difference from a 'normal' electric vehicle: The PV-System. As an Electrical Engineer I am responsible for the PV-system of our car. Next to that I am working on the schematic design for all PCB's."

Daan de Rooij

PV-System Engineer & PCB Schematic Designer

Name:Jasper Verhoeve
Age:23 years
Function:Energy Storage Engineer
Program:BSc. Automotive
"As Energy Storage Engineer, I am responsible for our battery packs, power distribution and charging infrastructure. My job is to design an energy storage and power distribution system that is lightweight, immensely efficient and safe to use at all times. Working on our cars' electrical systems while continuously searching for innovative solutions to increase efficiency is what I do best."

Jasper Verhoeve

Energy Storage Engineer

Name:Martijn Tuijten
Age:22 years
Function:Signals and Control Engineer
Program:BSc. Electrical Engineering
"As Electrical Engineer, I am responsible for the signals and control, the PCB-designs and I manage the contact with the RDW to get a license plate."

Martijn Tuijten

Signals and Control Engineer

Name:Theo Baart
Age:22 years
Function:System Architect Software
Program:BSc. Software Science
"The system architects setup the architecture of the vehicle and support the engineers in implementing the designs to match our requirements. As Software Architect I have the honor to do so for the software department. Additionally, I am responsible for telematics."

Theo Baart

System Architect Software

Name:Henk Alkema
Age:22 years
Function:Software Engineer - Human Vehicle Interaction
Program:MSc. Industrial and Applied Mathematics & Msc. Information Security Technology
"I am responsible for programming the driver console, the screen that shows the driver all indicator and warning lights, as well as the vehicle speed and various other vital information. Furthermore, I am responsible for programming all 'fancy features', everything that makes our car more than 'just' an electric car with a solar panel on top."

Henk Alkema

Software Engineer - Human Vehicle Interaction

Name:Daan Roordink
Age:22 years
Function:Software Engineer & Strategist
Program:BSc. Software Science & BSc. Industrial and Applied Mathematics
"As Strategist, I analyze and model the new Bridgestone World Solar Challenge regulations, aiming to both give advice on the effects of engineering decisions and calculate the optimal strategy during the challenge. I am also involved in the Embedded Systems of the car, writing software that controls the electrical components of the car."

Daan Roordink

Software Engineer - Strategy

Name:Stephan Oostveen
Age:22 years
Function:Software Engineer - Embedded
Program:MSc. Embedded Systems
"As Embedded Software Engineer, I work closely together with the Electrical Engineers to create software that generates signals that control the car. I make sure that the car is robust against failures and operates safely at all times."

Stephan Oostveen

Software Engineer - Embedded

Name:Tijmen Kervers
Age:23 years
Function:Exterior & Interior Designer
Program:BSc. Industrial Design
"As exterior designer I worked together with the Aerodynamics Engineers to ensure the shape of our car is not only aerodynamic but also good looking. After the exterior design was finished I started working with the Structural Engineers to build a comfortable and lightweight interior."

Tijmen Kervers

Exterior & Interior Designer

Name:Willem Zwagers
Age:23 years
Program:MSc. Industrial Design
"My responsibility is making this prestigious piece of technology user friendly and good looking. By sprouting creative ideas I tend to trigger and inspire the engineers to push their boundaries. Through keeping a good eye on the details we not only end up with a technologically innovative, user friendly, and good looking solar car, but also a nicely finished one. Making it a coherent and beautiful design."

Willem Zwagers