Team weekend, the new team’s first trials

31 - 08 - 2014

The design and creation of a brand new solar car in a time span as short as ours requires precise planning and good agreements. Due to this fact our team should not only possess a work ethic, but a great mutual trust as well. To further deepen our knowledge of each other and to build the team spirit, Solar Team Eindhoven organised a team weekend.

Just before the official start of the new project we moved far away from our office in Eindhoven. Our team went on a sailing trip, an activity that requires great cooperation. Since most members had no experience with sailing, and only possessed basic knowledge gathered from an online course, this proved to be a great first trial for the new colleagues. Despite the initial inexperience all members were able to make a wondeful trip around the lake and to overcome the challenges thrown at them.

Even though it has been intensive, we look back at a great weekend. “I think we’ll stick to solar energy, that’s less intensive”, jokes team leader Tom Selten. “Despite the fatigue after the sailing trip we were able to show Zwolle that we enjoy a good party. This weekend we have shown each other who we truly are and what we stand for. That’s good to see just before our official start.”