This is Stella Vie!

02 - 07 - 2017

On the 21st of June, we could finally show our new car. We worked all year towards this very exciting moment. No one saw her before, no one knew her name. The expectations were sky high. More than 700 people were waiting for that special moment… And we did it! We proudly present you Stella Vie! For the first time ever, we have built a solar-powered family car for 5 persons! It is the most efficient family car ever built. And as you can see, she is even sexier than before. We have a beautifully curved roof with 5 m² of solar cells. This is 1 m² less than Stella and Stella Lux. Yet, we can still drive 1000 km on one full battery on a Dutch summer day, enough to drive you all the way from Eindhoven to the south of France.
Are you wondering how we achieved that? It is all about optimizing the efficiency of Stella Vie. One of the most important factors is the aerodynamics of the car. We have improved the aerodynamic shape with 9 percent compared to Stella Lux, and even 20 percent if you would compare it to Stella.

Inside the car we have developed a driving behavior guidance. This system gives advice on driving more efficiently. And also the solar navigator is improved. Next to better solar driving it now also includes solar parking. This system will guide you to a nearby free parking spot with the most hours of sun during your stay. You can find more information at the Stella Vie-page

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Stella Vie has impressed all, including ourselves. The applause we got when the curtain dropped was overwhelming. We got many positive and sweet reactions of partners, fans and family. Thank you so much for visiting our presentation and making our day!